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Hello guys, It's been a while, but we will preform 20-01-2016 in the Hall of Fame, Tilburg. We'll be rocking some new songs that will appear at our new album. xREAD MORE>>>

About us

Lake Silence is the combined effort of four driven and ambitious musicians, based in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Having grown tired of the generic rock on the radio stations, they set out in September 2014 to write and play an alternative style of rock. Through their experimental approach, they combine heavy riffs with catchy hooks and ambient soundscapes, cast in the mold of songwriting as shaped by their inspirations, such as Biffy Clyro, Paramore and the Foo Fighters. This makes for an honest and authentic new rock band, which can best be experienced live when the band lays their soul bare on stage, with an honest and overwhelming performance.

Gio Sliwa

Lead Vocals/ Guitar

Music has been a lifelong passion for Gio Sliwa, founder, writer and lead singer of Lake Silence, born in 1991. He was already making ‘music’ as a kid; using chairs, rubber bands (or anything else he could) find, long before he was introduced to the guitar by his best friend at the age of fourteen. When he finally got his own guitar, it was only a matter of time before he would start a band and write his own songs. He rocks hard and he rocks well on guitar and he lays his soul bare in the vocals of Lake Silence.

Sven Hompes


Sven was born on October 19th 1991. He started playing at the age of 14 and not long after that he started playing in Black-Bone. His sound, drive and great sense of humor are an unmissable part of our band.

Koen Wijnen

Drums / Backing Vocals

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Daniël Hemmen


Having been a fan of Gio’s playing for years, Daniël made sure he was first on the list when he heard Gio was looking for band members. He got the gig and has been riffing and rocking on guitar in Lake Silence ever since. Born in 1990, he didn’t start playing until the age of eighteen, when he bought a cheap guitar at the local super market. His progress was altogether swift and he came to be part of alternative rock band Shoulders of Giants; in which he writes most of the songs and lyrics. In his supporting role in Lake Silence, he takes Gio’s riffs and ideas, adds his own taste and spice to it and rocks out alongside Gio on stage.



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